Benefits of an Enterprise Ethernet Fibre Connection

Fibre is the fastest available Internet technology

Fibre will increase your team's productivity & performance online

Fibre future-proofs your business telecommunications

Enterprise Ethernet provides your own dedicated fibre connection right to your door. It’s like driving down your very own fast lane to get to work, whilst everyone else is still stuck on the freeway.

Your current connection has you sharing your internet access with everybody on the street. Dragging down your speed and your team’s productivity. With Enterprise Ethernet there is no such thing as slow, spotty, unstable internet.

Because life’s too short to wait in line, to get online.

What is Enterprise Ethernet?

(or EE for short, Enterprise NBN, Business Grade Fibre … this product has more titles than the Prime Minister!)

Enterprise Ethernet is a superfast, ultra-reliable nbn™ Internet product that allows you to do almost anything online. It's an Internet connection that travels like a bullet train compared to the city express. This means you can meet with your entire team or clients virtually, getting that face-to-face experience when you can’t leave the office (or home). Upload and share large files with prospects in an instant, host online classes and digital team trainings without headaches or heart palpitations. Have multiple team members downloading data and accessing cloud-based applications at the same time. All while never having to worry about long lags or data delays ever again.

Ten Reasons Why Your Business Needs the Central Telecoms Enterprise Ethernet

Accelerated upload/download speeds

Fewer dropouts and any issues fixed within 12hrs or less. (4hrs or less for a premium)

Greater business growth opportunities

Ability to supercharge your telecommunication system and save on your phone bill

100% Australian support team available 24/7 and a dedicated local account manager

Increased team productivity and network accessibility

Share large files with ease (and in less time!)

Hassle-free access to cloud-hosted files, resources and applications

Superior quality online video conferencing and crystal clear VoIP phone calls

Service Level Agreements for peace of mind – knowing exactly what you are paying for and the service you’ll receive

Fast, reliable enterprise-grade internet
$0 upfront costs
Simultaneous upload/download speeds
No installation fees+
99.95% up-time guarantee with priority support
+ eligibility requirements apply

The power is in your hands, as your company can choose whatever speed is needed

CT Enterprise Ethernet


100/100 Mbps

Monthly Charge: $345/month ex. GST

CT Enterprise Ethernet


500/500 Mbps

Monthly Charge: $745/month ex. GST

CT Enterprise Ethernet


1000(1gigabit)/1000 Gbps#

Monthly Charge: $945/month ex. GST

What does this mean for my business?
  • 10 - 15 connected devices
  • Cloud computing
  • Moderate online browsing, research and general file sharing
  • Streaming videos
  • POS of transactions
  • Backing up data
  • Support WiFi enabled devices with higher speeds
  • Single server hosting
  • VoIP
  • 15 -30 connected devices
  • Heavy internet usage
  • Sending and receiving large files via email
  • Streaming Ultra High Definition Video on multiple devices
  • Frequent video calls
  • Cloud-based applications and productivity tools
  • High Volume E-commerce activities
  • Multiple server hosting
  • Doing a lot of almost anything
  • That’s columns one and two plus so much more!

Minimum 36 month term. Early termination fees apply.
*Bundling options available.
#Actual max speed = 952 Mbps as prescribed by nbn™.

Our Current Offer

Pay $0.00 for installation
Saving yourself $10k+

Thanks to a $700 million dollar investment from the Australian Government, a limited number of businesses can benefit from free* nbn™ installation.

* Subject to eligibility and an on-site qualification check by our team.

How It Works


Check Eligibility


Book an on-site qualification check & transition plan


Get connected!

Real People

You’ll speak to a real person every time. There’s no hiding behind a call centre here!

Customer Focused

Our average call answer time (<5 seconds) shows we care about quality customer service.

Local Solutions

On-the-ground troubleshooting solutions by your personal local CT account manager.

Reliable Connection

We’ll always be there to help you get connected and stay connected.

The CT Guarantee

  • Got an issue with your internet? We’ll get it fixed in under 12 hours, with an immediate ‘plan-B’ action plan in place, to keep your business open and operating while we take care of the rest.
  • Thanks to our Service Level Agreement (SLA) & same-day emergency installs, you can get out of ‘internet jail’ quickly, free and be ready to GO!!
  • No more traffic jams! Whilst we can’t guarantee the traffic on the way to work, we can guarantee your connection will have a maximum contention ratio of 4:1 max (normally 50:1 with other products). Your contention ratio is the demand on your potential maximum internet bandwidth, simply put, it’s like having your very own lane on the freeway you only share with four other cars, not fifty.
  • No monthly bill fluctuation. You’ll receive guaranteed fixed-pricing for unlimited usage*.
    *Fair usage caveat.
  • No downtime during installation. It’ll be business as usual for you and your team, while our team gets to work in getting your Enterprise Ethernet connection installed.
  • We know about problems before you do. It’s our expert wizardry at work.
  • Hands-off installation - We’ll handle it all for you, and provide regular progress updates so any questions, queries or what’s going on wonderings you might have, are swiftly settled.
  • Our ‘get-it-done’ installation process has you up and running as fast as humanly possible - no other carriers can get it done faster. *Other* suppliers could have you waiting for eons.

This is our guarantee to you, as the trustee of your enhanced internet service experience.

Graeme Johnston
Founder & CEO
Central Telecoms

What Our Customers Say

What is Enterprise Ethernet?
Enterprise Ethernet is a dedicated fibre nbnTM connection that provides businesses access to super-fast internet, equivalent to what governments, banks and large corporations use. With speeds of up to 1000Mbps (that’s 1GB per second!) upload and download speeds, Enterprise Ethernet allows your business to operate more efficiently in an economy where pretty much everything is moving online and incorporating internet technology.
How is Enterprise Ethernet different from other types of nbnTM ?
Enterprise Ethernet provides a fibre connection directly into your business, which is capable of processing large amounts of data information quickly - helping you get your job done faster, and with less painful dropouts! Plus, Enterprise Ethernet has a max contention ratio of 4:1 (other types of internet could be as high as 50:1), meaning there’ll never be more than 4 businesses (or homes) connected through your same connection and no more slowing down of data usage.

With Enterprise Ethernet, you’ll also receive a symmetrical upload and download speed - enabling you to upload and download data, files and videos at the same rate.
How do I know if my business is eligible for Enterprise Ethernet?
The Australian Government has provided a limited amount of funding to get identified areas with high business activity prepared and connected to Enterprise Ethernet. This means that certain areas across the Hornsby, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie regions. Our team can help determine if your business is within one of these areas. Complete the enquiry form found here.
Are there upfront/installation costs?
Thanks to the nbnTM Fibre Business Fibre Initiative (a $700 million dollar investment from the Australian Government) businesses in the Hornsby, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie regions now have the opportunity to access the highest speed internet available, without the need to outlay in the thousands of dollars it costs to install.

With the installation costs averaging $10,000 per premises, roughly just 70,000 businesses (Australia wide), can benefit from this initiative to help operate and grow their business free from digital technology limitations.

So the real question is – will you be one?
How do I know what speed plan I need?
The speed that you sign up for is dependent on many factors. These include how many team members you have accessing the internet at any one time, how much data you’re uploading and downloading at any point in time and how many business services operating internet devices are connected. Our team will conduct a thorough on-site audit to ensure you’ve got the optimal speed within your budget. Contact us to determine your requirements today.
What if I need to increase my speed at a later stage as the business grows?
The great news is, our plans are completely scalable to meet your needs as a business and grow with you over time. If you find that your team is growing or your data requirements have significantly increased, your dedicated local CT account manager can help find the best plan for your business to keep team productivity high.
How long does it take to switch over to Enterprise Ethernet?
On average, we expect the installation process to take 3 months. This is from the date you sign the contract with Central Telecoms, to the date your Enterprise Ethernet is installed. However, each installation project is unique, and requires specific civil engineering work to be completed. Therefore our team will work with you to construct a projected timeline for your installation and keep you updated on the progress throughout.
Will my phone and internet services be affected during installation?
No, your existing phone and internet services won’t be affected by the installation of Enterprise Ethernet. Once installation is complete and our team have run their quality tests, you’ll be ready to go. You won’t even notice a thing… except faster, more reliable internet of course (and less complaining from Sharon!).
What is needed from me during the installation process?
When you choose Central Telecoms as the nbnTM provider for your business, we handle the entire process for you, so you and your team can get back to business. We’ll manage the civil requirements, communicating with nbnTM and your local council to complete the installation. You may need to engage with your landlord for approval, prior to installation, however, our team can assist you with these communications also.
Will Enterprise Ethernet affect other business services than my internet?
Most businesses these days rely on the internet for multiple services. Investing in fast, reliable Enterprise Ethernet allows you to ensure that all your connected devices are connected to the most efficient internet connection possible. Other services your business can connect to using Enterprise Ethernet include VOIP (Voice over internet phones), ATM’s, EFTPOS machines, fax machines, TTY, lift phones, monitored security alarm systems and cameras, multi-line phone systems, HICAPS and health claim terminals, back-to-base fire alarms and medical alarms.

Prior to connecting to the nbnTM you should check with your alarm service providers to see if your devices are compatible with the nbnTM and register you medical alarm on nbnTM medical alarm register.
What happens if my Enterprise Ethernet drops out?
Each customer connected to the Enterprise Ethernet through Central Telecoms receives our A++ service-level agreement (SLA). Whilst we would love to guarantee that you never experience a dropout, sometimes outages are inevitable. Never fear! Our team’s superhero status kicks up a gear here, to get you same-day Emergency Access installed and have you again connected to the internet ASAP. Your SLA will guarantee a max 12-hour fix on reconnecting your Enterprise Ethernet, so you’ll be back to biz in no time.

If 12 hours is too much, and you need something sooner, we also offer <4hr fixes for an added premium.
Are there data limits on my Enterprise Ethernet plan?
No. You won’t receive any extra bill, or slowing down of service, for using more internet one month than another. Your monthly fee will stay the same regardless of how much data you’re using. As with all telecommunications contracts, a fair-usage policy does apply.