What is Enterprise Ethernet?

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February 2, 2021

Looking for high levels of speed that a regular nbn connection just can’t match?

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is a product designed for customers who need high levels of speed, performance and reliability when moving their vital data.

The bandwidth at each of your locations can be managed across three different Classes of Service. These allow prioritisation of applications across the network.

The network has been designed to deliver the data performance required for critical business applications with network performance SLA’s. These are supported by skilled engineers based in regional Australia, who provide outstanding service and support.

What are ‘network classes’?

  • High: Committed Information only class of service typically used for time sensitive applications (e.g. voice, video conferencing, Citrix).
  • Medium: Supports a Committed Information/Excess Information ratio of 1:3. Typically used for less time sensitive applications (e.g. WAN data).
  • Low: Excess Information only class of service typically used for ‘best efforts’ applications (e.g. internet browsing, email).

With the priority data feature on Enterprise Ethernet, you can choose applications that will be prioritised ahead of other residential and business data using the nbn™ network. This is the same concept as an emergency vehicle using a priority lane on a highway – they’re not slowed down by the other traffic in the slow lane.

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