How your phone system will help you deliver excellent customer service

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February 2, 2021

How can our Phone System Help you?

Phone systems should be easy, right?

The plans, pricing and features can be a bit confusing, but this article should help you understand how our phone systems can provide excellent customer service and make it super simple for your staff.

Our phone system will help you to improve your levels of customer service in the following ways:

message on hold

Upload your own music or messages and make being on hold interesting for your callers.

virtual reception

Direct your callers easily through your Auto-Attendant or Virtual Receptionist.


When you receive a call your work phone, mobile and home phone can all ring simultaneously.


Choose whether to make anonymous calls by blocking or replacing your own Caller ID.

call recording

Record individual calls or set to record all calls by default. Perfect for audio contracts and agreements.


Get your voicemails sent directly to your email so you can pick up on any device, any time.


Route your callers to a call queue until an agent is free to take their call.


Enable your line(s) so that others can monitor your line status for availability.