With Darrell Spencer
Darrell Spencer is located in the Albury, Wodonga, Yarrawonga and Wangaratta region of NSW.

Darrell Spencer's promise to you

As your local Central Telecoms representative, I promise to:

Provide you with local assistance both face-to-face or over the phone.

Support you directly. I am only a phone call away for any enquiries or issues.

Maintain integrity, honesty and excellent service during your customer experience with Central Telecoms.

Darrell Spencer is located in the Albury, Wodonga, Yarrawonga and Wangaratta region of NSW.

About Darrell Spencer

As Area Manager for the Albury region, Darrell enjoys helping his customers directly and they love the fact that their enquiries are answered by his localised team and solved at a faster pace than the larger telcos.

“I saw joining the Central Telecoms’ team as an exciting opportunity to deliver an ethical and trustworthy service in a field plagued with poor customer experiences.”

Darrell Spencer is a member of your community

Darrell Spencer is a family man proudly located in Albury region. He enjoys the great outdoors and living the healthy life. He is a self-confessed people pleaser with a strong entrepreneurial background.

Darrel knows the key to a business success is to provide the best customer experience possible, and he couldn’t be happier to help those in his local community receive the type of service they deserve.

Why you should make the switch to Central Telecoms

Darrell knows customers are sick of the hands-off approach provided by the bigger telcos and they are pleasantly surprised by having one point of contact for sales, technical assistance and billing.

Give Darrell a call direct if you are interested in learning more about how you can finally have a stress-free telco experience by making the switch to Central Telecoms.

What clients say about Darrell Spencer

Darrell is straight, diplomatic and managed us through a difficult transition from the appalling Telstra to Central Telecoms that had many disruptions and issues.

John Elgin

I just felt the need to sing the praises of your team! Darrell has been a huge support to me and our team in getting us up and running with you guys. Quite simply the fact you think to send an email like you did today reinforces the fact that we made the right decision to change providers. You are a refreshing breath of fresh air! Keep up the amazing work!

Kelly Huckel

Our dealings with Darrell Spencer have been nothing short of exceptional. We are a small real estate business in Albury Wodonga and were looking for options with the NBN change over. Darrell came to our office and explained what was involved and offered a competitive rate (so much so we also upgraded our phone system). The transition was seamless with little downtime. Unfortunately shortly after the installation, we had a fire in our building complex which destroyed not only our power supply but also our internet connection. Darrell was on site within hours and organised a temporary option – he continued to liaise with us and tradespeople whilst repairs were carried out and eventually ensured that all systems were back up and running efficiently. Highly recommend Darrell and the team at Central Telecoms.

Rob Groat Director