With Beau Wilson
Beau Wilson is located in the Newcastle region of NSW.

Beau Wilson's promise to you

As your local Central Telecoms representative, I promise to:

Support you throughout your entire telco journey.

Provide you with local assistance both face-to-face and over the phone.

Assist you directly should any issues continue to arise and find a solution much quicker than our competitors.

Provide you with the type of customer service you have been missing in the telco industry for years.

Beau Wilson is located in the Newcastle region of NSW.

About Beau Wilson

Beau Wilson was inspired by Central Telecom’s objective to completely change an industry with a bad reputation. Beau didn’t hesitate to join the team of real, straight up ethical people, passionate about launching a localised telco. A team who actually cares about its people and customers.

“We enjoy what we do and we work hard to get the right results for our customers,” says Beau.

Beau Wilson is a member of your community

Beau enjoys the best of what the Newcastle region has to offer, spending quality time with his two little children and wife. He’s a recently retired rugby player and supports his local team, the Wanderers and also supports the NRL team, the Newcastle Knights. Beau believes a good work-life balance is important for success.

Why you should make the switch to Central Telecoms

“Since the NBN roll out, good quality service is more imperative than ever. The larger companies use poor methods such as overseas call centres and they show a true lack of client relationship. We’re turning this around, we hold our hand throughout their entire telco journey,” says Beau.

If you want to learn more about why you should make the switch to Central Telecoms, give Beau a call for a chat. We promise Real people, Real results.

What clients say about Beau Wilson

I have had issues with Telstra with two different businesses. In both, Beau has gone above and beyond what I would expect from anybody in telecommunications. The service is quick, effective and well explained. It’s great to speak to a human about the issues rather than somebody in a call centre who can only give you scripted excuses. Keep up the great work Central Telecoms!!

Lee Grundy

Beau and the Central Telecoms team are fantastic, so glad that I didn’t have to spend hours on the phone dealing with several different departments. And when I asked a question they could answer it. Such a better experience that the major Telcos.


Beau made our transition from our old carrier to Central Telecoms very easy. He and the team have been amazing. If we ever have a problem, it’s fixed almost straight away.


Beau has been fantastic to deal with and I looking forward to using a decent carrier.


Very professional company with a wide range of knowledge. Beau is our ‘Go to’ man and was always friendly, fast, efficient and he always made us feel like we were his No. 1 client. Thanks for making the transition so easy!!