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Covid-19 - a word that was banned in our office!


The past 3 months have clearly been a huge challenge for all businesses, but as usual our customers and Australians in general have done a stellar job in keeping the doors open and coming together in times of need.  We like to feel as though we offered our clients the highest level of support so that they could ‘get-by’ in these most difficult circumstances, offering financial and technical support to ensure we empowered all our customers to follow the government directives.

Coronavirus is still prevalent in our society, our Victorian customers I’m sure are the most cautious as to how things will be playing out, but hopefully the vast majority of you will be getting back to some sort of normality and you and your families have stayed safe.   In case there is a second wave, we just wanted to re-iterate what we did to help all our customers that requested solutions:

  • A lot of our customers were happy for us to divert their calls to mobiles.  Email support@centraltelecoms.com.au for any non-urgent adds/moves or changes, but for anything urgent as always call our friendly team on 1300 677 406.
  • Other customers needed a fuller solution, so picked up their desk phones, plugged them into their routers at home and continued to make and receive calls as normal, working as a virtual office.  One of our team went to 9 different home offices to help set one of our customers up with remote working (whilst social distancing).

The technical wizardry that enables this to happen baffles most of our clients!!!!  The Central Telecoms team were all able to seamlessly transition to a work from home environment, with Microsoft Teams being a blessing and we noticed so many of our clients making use of new technologies.

We probably communicated better than ever as we have staff working remotely in Coffs Harbour, Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wagga Wagga, Albury/Wodonga, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong.