data centre

We are in the process of 'Building the Network of Choice for Regional Australian Businesses'.

 This is a huge statement and one that we’re mega passionate about.  Regional Australia has been under-serviced by the major telecoms companies over the years, we first started Central Telecoms with the sole intention of focusing only on the Regions, investing in local jobs and infrastructure but underpinning that with industry-leading products and services.  The rollout of the below is in alignment with being able to empower regional enterprise, and their chosen IT partners with the best network possible in their town, and handing back the keys.  

2020 is all about building upon our network, we have partnered with so many of Australia’s best tech companies but the major points that affect all our customers:

  • Fibre build-out.  We are working with Australia’s leading rural fibre specialists to connect better with NBN at the local Points of Interconnect to provide unique routing options to our customers 
  • Leading Edge Data Centres.  Australia’s regions are about to get a whole lot more techy with brand new data centres being built into most of our existing regions.  We understand that you can’t build the network of choice for Regional Australia, without being at the forefront of this project.  Keep an eye out for a press release on this very soon 

Visit Leading Edge's website  here.