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How can Central Telecoms help your business?

We tailor an NBN solution to you. No games, no fancy jargon – just what suits you and your business.

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We’re transparent all the way throughout your Telco journey with us. That means no hidden costs, no shocking bills and no bullsh*t.

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No more time wasted on the phone being passed around overseas call centres by your current provider. We offer real face-to-face local support with one point of contact.

Fast speeds

Our NBN backhaul is not congested with streaming or gaming traffic, ensuring a consistently fast and reliable Internet connection and better quality phone calls.

What is the NBN?

Simply explained, the NBN is a high-speed network solution initiated by the Australian Government to make our internet speeds faster. The increase in speed promotes productivity in business and is a lot more reliable than DSL and (if you remember it) Dial-Up connections!

The NBN isn’t Telstra and it’s not any other major provider on the network. It’s a wholesale network.

The best thing about that is that we can offer you better valued NBN plans and associated services than our competitors!

The NBN Explained

Australia has already started the roll-out. You have probably had a letter in the post stating a disconnection date to your existing PSTN services, and this will outline what you need to do regarding the transition to the new technology, and the service providers that can help you on your new technology journey.

What it doesn’t explain is that you have so many options available to you that it will make your head spin!

They will ask you to please consider; data allowances, on and off peak services, speeds (you pay more for higher speeds), and the infrastructure that you need to upgrade to suit the network (upgrade modems, switches, security systems, fax lines…) It’s like you’ve been told you can pick anything in the store, but you have to choose carefully because you will be locked into that choice for a couple of years!

This is where can help you by making it simple!