We’ve been named as Yealink’s Premier Partner

We've been named the Premier Partner of Yealink - the global leader of VoIP solutions!

Recently, our COO Andy Heller signed an agreement with Yealink, the global dominators of telecommunication technologies, to become premier partners in business. Our partnership with Yealink allows Central Telecoms to leverage our premium cloud communication services with improved audio quality and more advanced features of Yealink’s industry-leading equipment. It also allows us to continue looking after our customers with the service that they deserve.

Channel manager of Yealink, Brandon Zhou, stated:

 “Central Telecoms has co-operated with Yealink for a long time and we have helped each other grow our businesses over the years. Central Telecoms provides professional UC solutions and service in the market, which helps us both win respect and builds up our brand. They have worked well with Yealink and have invested a lot of resources promoting us over the years. Thus Yealink considers Central Telecoms to be a reliable partner. In return, we would like to have further co-operation with them.”

Central Telecoms has been awarded as the fastest growing Telco in Australia in 2019 and became the highest-rated Telco in the country in 2020. Moving forward, our goal is to continue shaking up the telecom industry and truly make a difference for our customers. We want to be known as the Network of Choice in regional Australia. Our partnership will allow us to continue growing that vision.


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