IT Partnerships

We are currently seeking to partner with IT technicians to help out our team with customer installs and ongoing support.

You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours!

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IT Partnerships

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Ongoing paid work

Grow your customer base

Develop your business

How does your business benefit?

While contracted to Central Telecoms, you will be undertaking ongoing IT-related work, including; equipment installation, data cabling, callout support and more.

Aside from our contracted work, you will be able to meet our customers at a soft entry-point.

Our customers have many IT pain points that we at Central Telecoms do not have the capacity to support, as our helpdesk is focused on NBN and telecoms issues. Due to your niche industry expertise, you will be able to build and sell your services easily to our customers at your own pricing model. 

In short, you will be able to leverage our business to promote your own.

The opportunities are waiting for you!

What we need from you

Central Telecoms is the fastest-growing regional telco in Australia. As we continue to grow, so do the needs of our customers.

Our principles are based on putting the customer first, which is why we want to outsource IT services given to us, to the local professionals. That way we can maintain our reputation of exceptional service, and you can grow your business too.

What we need from you is simple; professional installation of equipment, and ongoing callout support for our customers.