Central Telecoms is proud of it's attention to detail in Customer Service. It is the reason we are the best Regional Telecoms Company in Australia.

We know what service we offer our clients, but what better way to illustrate this than to have our clients tell you for themselves! Please check out our client case studies below, and if you would like to get to know more about our Australian-based customer service then get in touch with us.

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Simple - Our Service

“Everything is working great here and I know you guys are only a phone call away if we have any problems…” Joe Coyte, CEO The Glen Drug and Rehab Centre

We’ve worked for the big telco’s and we know how difficult it can be to speak to someone who can help when things go wrong. Our guarantee to you is that we’ll always have somebody who is local, available and accountable to you to fix any issues that you may have.

Central Telecoms - 5 Star Service Guaranteed

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