Case Study

Davebilt Industries

Davebilt Industries is an established quality supplier of structural steel located on the Central Coast.

The Problem

Davebilt came to us with issues about their current services provider. Lack of consistent network services meant that the business was losing productivity.

The Solution

After looking at the infrastructure Davebilt needed, we organised and supplied our business-grade NBN services at their Central Coast office.

By placing them within our Network we were able to deliver stability to their internet and telephony services.




“The experience of dealing with the team at Central Telecoms couldn’t be easier. Things don’t always go as smoothly as planned but if ever there’s an issue, it is resolved almost immediately. We have always used much larger telecoms companies in the past with international call centres and getting those companies to do anything is virtually impossible. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of Central Telecoms.

Alyson Parish

Invest in Central Telecoms like they did!

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