DECT handsets

Wireless DECT solutions to enhance communication for on-the-go workers​

Key Features

HD Audio quality

Long life battery

Wireless phone linking

Advanced wireless connectivity

Wireless DECT

A reliable and cost-effective choice for customers for their moderate-to-active on-the-move communications.

Ruggedised DECT

A well-rounded companion that can be entirely relied on in the harsh working environment.

Ruggedised DECT Hanset

Shock, dust & water resistant

Yealink W59R is a well-rounded companion with its certified Ingress Protection rating of 67(IP67)

Long life lithium battery

You can rely on this handset in a complicated and harsh working environment, such as construction sites, factories and warehouses.

ruggedised dect

Tough, rubberised surface

Protects your handset from slipping and scratching.

Vibration alarm

Integrated Bluetooth capability so you can have a hands-free communication experience, as well as a vibration alarm so you never miss a call.

yealink diagram

Never miss another call

A device you can rely on


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