Modernise your office with Cloud PBX Telephones

Cloud PBX (also known as Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX) is the next evolution in PBX technology. No longer requiring a physical unit in your premises, Cloud PBX allows you to manage your phone systems instantly over the internet.

What can it do for me?

The main incentive for utilising your NBN connection for voice is SAVINGS. Customers on average save at least 50% compared to infrastructure-based PBX solutions, and that’s just the start.

Minimal infrastructure means a simplified office with everything connected via your NBN network. No more racks and switches to take up space and chew through power.

Free calls is another of the perks - you’re using the internet! Want to learn more about why your business needs Cloud PBX? Read our blog post about it!

Central Telecoms Cloud PBX Solutions

the phone that just keeps working

Ruggedised DECT Handset

shock, dust and water resistant

Not only does this fantastic device resist dust, splash and water damage, but the tough rubberised surface protects the handset from any drops and scratches. 



This wireless phone also has Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to free your hands to talk when needed, as well as a utility belt clip when inconvenient to hold the handset. Meanwhile, the vibration alarm prevents you from missing the calls in noisy workplaces such as factories and warehouses.


The Ruggedised DECT features high quality Audio VoIP technology, as well as low bit - rate data applications. Please note that this device is compatible with any third-party DECT technologies.

Advantages of Cloud PBX



Need to connect a new handset or 100? Just hook them into your existing Ethernet switch and let our cloud platform handle the rest. You can also set up advanced call flows and virtual networks to make sure your calls get to the right place, even if that place isn’t strictly on your premises.


With no maintenance or upkeep to perform on a physical PBX unit, you can save thousands that would be spent on having someone to look after it.

And did we mention free calls? Pretty simple decision from here isn’t it?


Power outage? Natural disaster? Whatever the case, your phone systems are managed away from your premises, so they continue working even when you’re unable to. If you want to you can also connect a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to your modem and switch to cover you on premise!


Our web-based portal allows you to manage every part of your phone system – in the office, at home, on the go, wherever there’s an internet connection.

we'll always pick up the phone

We offer real support with our 100% Australian-based helpdesk. No more precious time wasted on the phone, being shuffled around call centres by your current provider.  In fact, we are so dedicated to this, that  we were named as Australia’s top Telco in the CRN Fast50!


We are a local, honest and ethical telecoms company and we strive to offer the best possible service, whilst maintaining our reputation for exceptional service.  That is why so many local businesses choose to switch to us, and why we have the highest rate of client retention (97.4%) in the industry.