Case Study

BAAM Consulting

BAAM Consulting provide a specialist and professional building audit and maintenance service to the strata title and commercial markets.

The Problem

Grahame came to us as an alternative to the mainstream telecommunications companies.

His issue was to decrease operational costs, and create an environment whereby they did not have to worry about downtime in their company services.

The Solution

Cloud PBX over a business-grade NBN connection was the perfect fit for BAAM. We took the time to cover all their business needs and connected their NSW offices without a hitch.

Grahame now enjoys more time growing his business, instead of worrying about why they are having communications issues!



Our experience with Graeme and Andy has been great all round with our change from the main telco and an upgrade to the NBN for all our telephony. Despite the complexity of options available for our spread out business, they took the time to make the different opportunities understandable to us, and to hold our hand when the team was introduced to new ways of doing things. No challenge has been any trouble.”

Grahame Vile, Director & CEO

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