3 ways fast internet can improve business productivity
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All businesses need reliable internet, but the speed has a direct impact on the productivity of your business and employees. 

If you’re still chugging away on your ADSL2 connection, it might be time to rethink your relationship with the internet. In this article, we explain why your business needs a connection that is not only reliable, but also lightning fast!

1. Get more work done

The first one is pretty obvious! Slow speeds = slow loading times. This means no multitasking, wasted time, and delayed customer service. 

Having a fast connection will remedy this simple problem as it allows employees to flow between task to task seamlessly, without becoming distracted from down-time.

2. Reduce your costs

Having a high-speed internet connection opens up so many more opportunities to directly reduce your costs that a slow connection simply cannot provide.

One of the direct savings includes using VOIP telephones (Voice over Internet Protocol). These are phones that run solely through the internet. They don’t need copper cabling or any wiring to work - just WiFi or ethernet cable. VOIP phones will immediately reduce costs for your business by cutting out your phone bill completely, as the phones transmit sound and voice through the internet. You can read more about our VOIP solutions here.

3. Better reliability

Fibre internet services use superior hardware compared to ADSL connections. Variables such as bad weather or electrical storms can and will interfere with ADSL connections, but are less likely with a high-speed fibre connection. This type of connection will also prevent slow load times, with increased bandwidth.

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