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4 reasons why your business needs the NBN

Are you taking advantage of what the internet has to offer for your business?

Not only can you sell your products online, but the internet is a platform that allows you to grow and improve your business too! ..So, what are some of the benefits?

  • Marketing. Having a website and an active social media account gives your business a lot more potential to grow. The more active you are online, the more likely your posts will appear on someone’s newsfeed. In turn, your audience will start to grow!
  • Networking. Being active on Linkedin and Facebook means that you will come across other professionals related to your industry, which can help you learn, grow, or benefit your business.
  • Communication. Being online means your customers have more than one way to reach you. Not everyone likes to pick up the phone and make a phone call. (Which is ironic of us to say, because we’re a Telco!) Having a contact form on your website, an active social media account, and an email address might encourage more questions or inquiries to be sent your way, that you otherwise might not have gotten.
  • Mobility.  Having access to the internet allows you or your team to work from anywhere. This can create more jobs, allow you or your team to work remotely, and grant you access to new talent, from wherever they reside. This is made even easier with hosted PBX solutions for your business phones, which you can read more about here.
  • Save time. The NBN allows you to do more business with less time. A fast internet connection allows you to host and optimise your website so your customers can reach your online store even easier. As wait times are slashed, you can find new ways of connecting with your customers. Read more about our NBN solutions here.


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