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At Central Telecoms, we’re dedicated to giving you a superior experience. We’re so confident in our service, that when you sign up with us you will receive 3 months Business NBN on us! 

♦  Unlimited 100/40meg NBN Data

♦  Business-grade bandwidth

♦   Static IP address

♦   Free router

♦   Professional install

» $95.00/month thereafter excl. GST

Telstra equivalent plan $136.36/month excl. GST*

*Telstra equivalent plan:

Minimum $3915.00 incl. GST over 24 months.  Unlimited 100/40 NBN $150.00/month incl. GST.
As at 22nd October, 2018. Compared with similar Telstra small business broadband plan with premium speed boost, as advertised at