Why Central Telecoms was created

Central Telecoms was founded on the principals of focused Customer Service.

After years of working with the largest Telecoms companies throughout the world, we decided that the level of ethics, customer support and localised knowledge was severely lacking.

No longer should you have to call “1300 Manilla” for a simple billing, service or technical related query. We provide telecommunication services to Regional Australian Businesses to ensure a swift, simple and transparent transition to the NBN.

Our Founders

Andy Heller

Andy Heller


Andy has owned and operated businesses in the UK.

He studied Advanced Computer Science at University in the UK and is responsible for Operations and Technical Support within the Central Telecoms business.

Graeme Johnston

Graeme Johnston


Graeme owns successful telecoms businesses in the UK and now Australia. He has almost 15 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, and has sold and worked with all different types of voice and data technology that affects the SMB marketplace.

Central Telecoms

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